The Bare Hands Doctor - Master Tim Wong

What are Yin and Yang?

Since ancient times, the Chinese have attributed all life force to the constant balance of the positive and negative sides of energy.  These are called Yin (-) and Yang (+) and symbolize Tai Chi as the "Ultimate Principle of all Matter".

The book, The Explanation of the Supreme Ultimate, by Chow Tun-Yi (1017-1037 AD) states that:

"The heavenly principle constitutes the male element and the earthly principle constitutes the female element.  The interaction of these two opposite, ethereal elements engenders the myriad of the universe."

The ancient Chinese philosophers described the human body as a small universe. They believed that to maintain harmony and order in the universe - and apply it to the human the body - Yin and Yang must be kept in a constant, delicate balance as chaos and disharmony abound when this balance is disturbed.

The application of Yin and Yang theory to medicine was achieved nearly two thousand years ago in China.  It has become an important basic concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine because it explains the organic structure, the physiological function, and the pathological changes of the human body.  It also serves as a guideline in clinical diagnosis and treatment.  The medical application of Yin and Yang theory divides every part of the human body into two opposite, but unified, materials.

Yin & Yang