The Bare Hands Doctor - Master Tim Wong

Case Study - Sciatica

Patient:  I. Simpson, 52 years old, male, furniture removals.  Patient referral.

Date of First Visit:  23 January 2001.

Chief Complaint:  Pain in the right leg and buttock.

History of Present Condition:  Patient  has been suffering pain in the right buttock and leg daily since early January. Walking is difficult, the pain is worse in the evening when lying down. The top part of the right foot near the ankle is numb and cold, pain in the big toe.  Patient visited his GP with this complaint. The GP diagnosed sciatica and recommended painkillers, gentle exercise, and a visit to the chiropractor.  Patient did not wish to visit a chiropractor. He has been taking painkillers.

Past History:   No previous injury or illness reported.

First Consultation:  Patient appeared to have difficulty walking and was tired due to an inability to sleep caused by pain.  Examination showed that the right leg and buttock were inflamed, painful when touched, and stiff when moved.  The lower right leg and foot felt cold to touch.  Examination showed little tenderness on the lower vertebrae and confirmed that the patient had no lower back pain.

Assessment:  Sciatica.  Trapped sciatic nerve on the right buttock causing inflammation of the sciatic nerve and muscle spasms down the leg.  Subsequently, insufficient blood supply to the foot.

Principle of Treatment: 
 Free trapped nerve.  Relax muscles.  Rectify movement of the joints and tendons.  Promote blood circulation.

Point selection:  Chengshan B57, Chengjin B56, Yinmen B37, Zhibian B54, Yanglingquan G34, Yangiiao G35, Huantiao G30.

Treatment Method:  
 Treatment is to both legs.  Press and knead above points on legs and buttocks. Rolling method with forearm of legs and buttocks.  Push the exterior of the lower leg muscles.  Elbowing on the buttocks Huantia G30. Traction of both legs.  Rotate hip joints. 

Discussion:   Recommended course of treatment - from every other day to twice a week, for a course of ten sessions.  Also recommended to discontinue use of painkillers and no exercise whatsoever (not even swimming). During the first session, there was difficulty manipulating the legs due to the pain and stiffness.  After the first session, patient was less stiff and could walk better.   He was also able to sleep better.  After three sessions, he reported a noticeable relief from the pain and I found the right leg and hip joint to be more supple than before.  Patient reported that, after the fifth session, the sensation in his right foot had returned and it felt warm.  After the sixth and final session, on February 23rd, the pain was gone entirely.  Check-up on March 26th. Patient reports that he has bee pain-free, has no stiffness, sleeps normally and soundly since completing treatment.

To reduce the inflammation and pain, press and knead the above mentioned points.  To rectify the joints and tendons, release the adhesion using manual traction method. Rolling on the entire leg and buttocks is used to ease the muscle tension and promote blood flow.  Elbowing the buttock is used to stimulate energy flow, thereby releasing the trapped sciatic nerve and relieving pain.

Patient took only a total of six sessions and completely recovered from his sciatica.  This is one of my fastest cases of recovery of this kind; it is due mainly to the fact that the condition was in the early stages and patient took the right form of treatment.