The Bare Hands Doctor - Master Tim Wong

First consultation - 19 March 2002:  Visiting treatment at patient’s (C. Clark) home.  

Patient appeared to be very tired and suffering a lot of pain.  She had a pale complexion, she felt cold, and has been complaining about pain in the shoulder, upper back and arms down to the right hand, her fingers feel numb.  She said she has not been sleeping for over one week when the pain first started. She saw a chiropractor for one week and had five treatments.  There appears to be no relief and the pain is getting worse.

I decided not to carry out any tests as the patient appears to be very tired and suffering too much pain. My suspicion is that this is a cervical problem, possibly located between C4 and C5.  I decided not to pursue any tests but to give treatment to release the pain and relax the nerves and muscles.  The patient reported feeling slightly better immediately after treatment. 

Second consultation - 21 March 2002:  Patient’s husband brought her to my clinic. She still cannot sleep and is still having the same pain. Towards the end of the treatment patient almost passed out due to tiredness. 

Third consultation - 24 March 2002:  Patient reports slightly better but still cannot sleep due to pain. Not getting worse. 

Fourth consultation - 25 March 2002:  Patient reported getting a bit better with three hours sleep in the early morning of Monday.  She had some rest on the previous Sunday during the day. 

Fifth consultation- 26 March 2002: This is 6 days after the first consultation. When they arrived for treatment, patient and husband smiling.  She seems to be getting a lot better and slept most of the night on Monday had great relief from pain in her back. Still painful on the right arm so I decided to do some tests to see what exactly the problem is. Test turning patient’s head to left and right and backwards was negative. Test bending forward was positive, showed a great deal of pain, unbearable touching on base of neck between C4 and C5. Vertex Compression test negative. Neck traction test negative. 

Assessment: Possible ligament between C4 and C5 was damaged. Patient reported a history of neck problems eight years ago which was not as bad as at present.  Symptoms show numbness on three fingers of the right hand and difficulty to grasp and hold things. This suggests nerve on C4 and C5 has been disturbed. This is possibly caused by degeneration of the two joints, causing a narrowing of the gap and compression on the nerve root.  On testing the base of the neck between C4 and C5 the pain was unbearable, this suggests ligament was damaged or possibly torn. As a result, massive acute pain down to the back, shoulder and arm. Although patient’s doctor suggested that possibility of a slipped disc, but the compression test on the vertex being negative suggests that the disc is intact. I advised her to book an appointment for the MRI scan.

Sixth consultation - 28 March 2002: Patient has had further improvement, but still unable to sleep.  She looks more energetic in her face.  She bought herself a collar to help her sleep and travel, as I suggested.

Seventh consultation - 31 March 2002:  Patient reports back pain is almost gone and right arm has great deal of improvement, only slight pain in the arm. Shoulder is slightly painful, sleeping well. The right hand still feels numb but not as bad as before. 

Eighth consultation - 2 April 2002:  Further improvement. She sleeps well.

Ninth consultation- 4 April 2002:  Further improvement, the back almost back to normal, no shoulder pain, forearm slightly painful, in the first three fingers still numb. Patient still reluctant to bend her neck down, as she is afraid of jeopardising the healing.  Movement of neck left, right and backward still normal.  No pain when pressing on C4 and C5.

Case Study - Neck Pain (Cervical Spondylopathy)