The Bare Hands Doctor - Master Tim Wong

How to Practice Tai-Chi & Qi-Gong

1. Concentrate

One thought instead of many thoughts, your mind should be concentrating only on what you are about to do.  Concentrate on each breath you take and every move you make.  Ignore any noise or distraction, continue with the practice as if the distraction had not been seen or heard - when you can do this, you are one step towards harmony in mind and body.

2. Breathe

Breathe naturally, inhaling and exhaling through the nose.  Place the tip of the tongue on the roof of the mouth and close the mouth gently.  Breathing should be slow, deep, gentle, and even.  Do not hyperventilate.  During the exercises, breathing should be coordinated with the movements.  Always follow the instructor's directions.

3. Relax

Relaxation applies to your whole body.  At all times during practice, every joint and muscle should be loose and without strain or obstruction.  Do not wear any tight fitting clothes or you will not be able to relax your chest and shoulders.  Breathe down deeply to your Dien Ten (lower abdomen) to allow the Qi to sink in thereby increasing your internal energy and allowing your circulation to be free and proper throughout your body.  When you have done this, you are nearer to achieving inner harmony.

4. The Exercise

Movements should be graceful, flowing between stillness and motion.  Strength is practiced with gentleness, with ease and tension alternating.  Your posture in general should be upright.  Avoid letting your bottom stick out.  Drop the shoulders and relax.  Your eyes generally looking straight forward, but for some movements your eyes should follow the hand movements.  Sometime the movements require squatting down or standing on one leg - this is to build strength in the lower part of your body and to achieve better balance.

5. Success is the result of persistent practicing!

Always consult a doctor before undertaking any exercise routine.  Master Wong accepts no responsibility for any injury caused by individuals who practice the exercise or methods described in this website.