The Bare Hands Doctor - Master Tim Wong

Case Study - Headache

Patient:  J. Robertson, 11 years old, male, schoolboy. 

Date of First Visit:  22 January 2001.

Chief Complaint:  Constant headache for over one year.

History of Present Condition:  Patient  has been suffering a constant, daily headache in the front of the forehead and across the eyebrows to the temples for over one year.  The headache is making him tired and it is difficult for him to concentrate on his homework.  He has seen his GP about this complaint.  The GP diagnosed “stress” and recommended paracetamol three times a day.  This treatment was not effective and the headaches worsened.  The only time he has no pain is while in bed.

Past History:  No previous injuries or serious illnesses reported.

First Consultation:  Patient appeared to have a pale complexion, under weight, and tired. Appetite normal. Sleeping satisfactory.  Bowel movement - constipation (may be due to intake of paracetamol).  Pulse rapid and floating.  Liver and kidney points tender.

Assessment:  Yangming headache.  Deficiency of blood and Qi in the liver causing Hui Yit. Hui Yit means "heat deficiency" and is produced from the organ with the deficiency syndrome.  Deficiency of liver and kidney Yin causing an imbalance of liver and kidney energy and increasing the Hui Yit.   Hui Yit rising to the forehead causing headache. The patient’s constipation is partly due to an overheated system caused by the Hui Yit and partly due to long-term intake of painkillers which can contribute to kidney imbalance.

Principle of Treatment: 
Eliminate Hui Yit.  Reinforce liver and kidney energies.  Promote stomach function. Stimulate colon for bowel movement.

Point selection:  Fengfu CV16, Fengchi G20, Yintang  EX, Yangba G14, Tongziliao G1, Zhongwan CV12, Fujie S14, Hegu LI4, Ganshu BM18, Shenshu BM23.

Treatment Method:  Press and knead above points.  Grasp and stroke forehead.  Massage temples, back of skull and top of skull.  Push both neck muscles in reducing method.  Massage upper abdomen in reinforcing method.  Massage lower abdomen in reducing method.  Press and knead liver and kidney points in tonifying method.

Discussion: Recommended course of treatment - twice a week, for a course of 5 to 10 sessions.   Also recommended to discontinue use of all painkillers.  After the first session, patient reported three days without headache and that he had stopped using painkillers.  After three days the headache returned but was not as intense as before.  Same treatment method applied for the remaining sessions.  After fourth session headache did not return and bowel movement was normal.  Patient recovered after fifth session.  Patient reports three months on that he has had no headaches since completing treatment.

The head was manipulated and massaged to reduce and eliminate Hui Yit.   The abdomen was massaged to promote stomach functions. The lower abdomen was massaged to stimulate the colon and improve bowel movement.  The liver and kidney points were massaged and manipulated to reinforce blood and Qi and to harmonise liver/kidney function.