The Bare Hands Doctor
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Could an ancient Chinese medical system be the key to your good health?

Tim Wong, the Bare Hands Doctor, is a Master of Tui-Na or acupressure massage, one of the three systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Master Wong has been using his unique therapeutic techniques for treating serious physical problems for over twenty years. Some of his clients have included famous celebrities, such as the popular British actor, Richard E. Grant, who said of Master Wong "that man's a magician". To see other famous clients, click this link.

Master Wong's Demonstration Videos

Neck & Shoulder Massage

Photo Collection - 1998-2005

Disclaimer: The contents of this website are intended for informational purposes only. It is not intended as medical advice or instruction. The information provided here is insufficient to conduct any form of treatment, exercise, or to provide any advice. Master Wong accepts no responsibility or liability for the use of the techniques described or ideas discussed within this website or any outcomes or result. Always consult a doctor before undertaking any bodywork or exercise.  The Bare Hands Doctor is a trade name.  Master Wong is not a Western medical doctor.

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